Pumpkin Patch Pop

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After a rocky start driving to Long Island (read here), I’m happy to report we had THE BEST TIME at Hank’s Pumpkintown in Water Mill, New York.  We arrived right at 9:30am as they were opening the gates – the whole farm was practically ours! We decided to take a ride on the Family Corn Train. We bought our tickets and enjoyed a cute narrated and music filled tractor train ride around the pumpkin patch. It was perfect for my family since we have 3 kids aged 4 and under.


Next we spent about an hour on the amazing wooden play structures and slides.  The kids got to pretend they were lords & ladies of the castle, captains of ships and so much more. Finally it came time to pick our pumpkins!  You can pick your pumpkin from the mountains they have on display or do what we did – EXPLORE THE PATCH! We all walked in the mud searching for our perfect pumpkins and then put them in a wheelbarrow to be taken to the weighing station and paid for. The kids were in their glory!


After such an amazing morning outside I headed into the farm house to check out the goodies and beverages.  I could taste the smells from the fresh doughnuts, candy apples and kettle corn, but you all know what I was looking for!


I’ve been pumpkin picking many times in my day and year after year, even after extraordinary pumpkin harvesting, I leave feeling disappointed because I am always dying of thirst because all they sell is cider or tea or coffee…BUT NOT TODAY!!!  Thank you Hank’s!!!! You have broken the mold and I can’t tell you just how much so many of us appreciate it! I scored a 20oz Diet Coke!!!



Beverages aside, I can’t recommend Hank’s enough. We could have stayed for hours more if we didn’t already have plans for the day. For $12 you can enter Hank’s Pumpkin Maze Park and enjoy even more unlimited fun, such as wagon rides, a giant slide, pedal cart race tracks, the actual corn maze and tons more!  We’ll be back for sure!




NYC Soda Girl’s Rating

Hank’s Pumpkintown

240 Montauk Hwy., Water Mill, NY

20 oz Diet Coke, $3.00

rating cuprating cuprating cup




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Drive-Thru Highs and Lows

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Being a city girl I don’t often have the chance to experience the convenience that is the drive-thru.  About 5 years back a nearby McDonald’s had a walk up window which I LOVED.  Pushing a double stroller into a store, especially those stores that have a second set of doors is basically impossible.  Plus, waiting in line at a fast food restaurant with this ginormous tandem double stroller is a nightmare.  Please, of course I do it, but that walk up window really was a game changer for a while. Sadly it never seems to be staffed anymore.  “My God” you must be thinking, “how much fast food do you eat that this is an issue?”  I don’t eat it a lot, but I do need my fountain soda and I will battle a lunch crowd just for that large sparkling cup of goodness.

This weekend we took a trip out to Long Island. After an hour in the car, it was time for a soda. We pulled into a McDonald’s and got in the drive-thru line. There were about 3 cars in front of us, not too bad.  Finally it was our turn, so my husband (who was driving) lowered the window and ordered me a large Diet Coke. Now first everyone needs to get over the fact that, YES, I did and have done before and will do again, wait on a drive-thru line JUST to get a soda. I admit to it and I own it. Now back to the story. Husband Dear orders and right after is when my good fortune turned.  After thinking about it, the next minute or 2 played out exactly like the 5 stages of grief (please note that I am not dismissing real grief that people experience, I was just really surprised that what happened really did match!)

I hear some kind of garbled noise across the seat and my husband turns to me and tells me they are out of Diet Coke and would I like a Dr. Pepper?

Denial: “What? No? Ask them again?” Husband obliges and I hear the man tell him that there is no Diet Coke and the line is broken. Would I like something else? Unsweetened Iced Tea is close.

Anger: Are you kidding me – unsweetened iced tea is close – no it isn’t! Who told them to say that? Do they not know we’ve been in the car for an hour? That we waited in this line ONLY for a Diet Coke? Why the heck isn’t there a sign on the menu board alerting everyone to the fact that there’s no Diet Coke? What kind of operation are they running here? Ok- I didn’t say those things – I did leaned over my husband so that now I could be speaking directly to the voice box. “How are you out of Diet Coke?!” I yelled.

Bargaining: “Well is it going to be fixed soon? If we wait will it be running soon?” – No.

Depression: I sank back in my seat and we pulled out of the line. Husband offered to stop at the nearest place we saw. I told him not to bother. Whatever. It didn’t matter. I’m not gonna hold us up even longer by trying somewhere else. They probably won’t have Diet Coke either.

Acceptance: Thankfully my family always snaps me back. Kids were singing along to our Disney CDs, we only had a half hour left to our trip, I could manage.  All would be ok – plus I’d have something to write about, right?

We had a great weekend, which included some awesome pumpkin picking. I’ll elaborate on all that another time soon.  On our trip home, I didn’t want to chance it with that horrible McDonald’s, so we pulled into a Burger King after only 20 minutes on the road home.  I know it’s ridiculous, but I was slightly worried…would they not have Diet Coke too?…or worse, would they hand it to me and it be AWFUL?!?!  Thank the powers that be-Burger King did not disappoint.  It wasn’t really a noteworthy soda, but it did the job and I would go there again.  Phew, glad we ended out trip on a good soda note – thanks BK!


NYC Soda Girl’s Rating


560 County Rd 111, Manorville, NY

Large Diet Coke with ice, $I wouldn’t know





Burger King

71 County Road 39, Southampton, NY

Large Diet Coke with ice, $2.29

rating cuprating cuprating cup




*(Not sure what those cup pictures mean?…Check out the Ratings & Reviews Tab)

If you’re interested, these are the Disney CDs that keep us sane on long drives:

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