Ratings & Reviews

“Soda Girl,” you ask. “What are your ratings and how did you come up with them?”


It started back in middle school when they wheeled the new Coke machine into the cafeteria.  From that day forward, it was “Diet Coke and Me” for life.  Pepsi, natural soda and specialty soda fans…don’t you worry, there’s something for everyone here!

Over the years I’ve come up with a rule of thumb for soda:

Hierarchy of ways to consume NYC soda according to NYC Soda Girl:

#1- from a top rated fountain soda machine with ice

#2- from a 12 oz can

#3- from a super cold 20 oz bottle

#4- poured from a freshly opened 2 liter bottle

**Low rated soda fountain machines and previously opened 2 liter bottles are not advisable.

So…Here are the ratings:


Drink doesn’t just quench your thirst – it quenches your soul!

rating cuprating cuprating cuprating cuprating cup




Quite near perfection.

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This beverage experience will do.

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Drink it only if you must hydrate.

rating cuprating cup




Don’t waste your money, you’ll just throw it out…keep on walking.

rating cup

And …Here’s what I consider:

  • First sip experience
  • Cleanliness
  • Type of cup/straw
  • Ice
  • Ease of machine working
  • Price/refills
  • Staff
  • Ease of store flow


Also, from time to time I may link to a product that I love and want to tell you more about.  If it’s available on Amazon.com I will link to it.

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