My Macy’s: Soda, Pan and Promotions!

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One of things I love about living in the city is that “THEE MACY’S”…like Thanksgiving Day Parade Macy’s…”Miracle on 34th St.” Macy’s, is MY Macy’s.


Today I went there to pick up a shirt and a birthday present for my sister.  I quickly found a shirt I think I like…I’ll keep the tags on until I’m sure I’m going to wear it. Then I went to the children’s floor because I always give it a quick walk through in case something jumps out at me.

Well, no piece of clothing jumped out at me, but the entire floor had music blaring and mobs of people – something BIG was going on.  That something BIG was a Ralph Lauren promotion of the movie PAN that opened this weekend.



Oh my goodness! There were tables of craft projects, temporary tattoos being applied, photo ops with this guy available:


AND….photo ops with a star of the movie, Levi Miller! What a cute kid! I didn’t take any pictures of him because he was always posing with another child and I didn’t want to invade their privacy. I was able to get one of those pirate hats you can see two photos above.  I’m going to save it for Halloween and let my son with food allergies trade me some of his candy for it.

I passed by Levi & the bear on my way to the McDonald’s on that floor.  I waited behind 2 people and finally ordered my Diet Coke, only to ONCE AGAIN, be told they have no soda.  WHAT IS GOING ON MCDONALD’S??? This makes twice this week that I have visited one of your restaurants and waited in line only to be told that there isn’t any soda I want. For the love of all goodness- POST A SIGN and STOP WASTING MY TIME!!!!

Thankfully there is an Auntie Anne’s on the children’s floor and they were able to provide me with a decent Diet Coke – Thank you Auntie Anne’s!


I started down the never ending maze of escalators from the 7th floor and noticed a Clinique display that looked awesome.  They had this cute Clinique Pretty Wow, Pretty Now 7 piece kit with bag.

I thought my sister would like it so I grabbed it and went to pay for it. Turns out it’s Clinique Bonus Time through October 25, 2015 and so I got a 7 piece gift set with my purchase – SCORE! Thanks Sis for having a birthday this time of year!


As you can see, it’s always an eventful time at “MY MACY’S”.

NYC Soda Girl’s Rating


151 West 34th St., NYC – 7th Floor

Large Diet Coke with ice, $I wouldn’t know





Auntie Anne’s

151 West 34th St., NYC – 7th Floor

Large Diet Coke with ice, $TBA

rating cuprating cuprating cup




*(Not sure what those cup pictures mean?…Check out the Ratings & Reviews Tab)

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Upper East Side Finds and Fails

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I wanted to start my day off right on Saturday, so I headed to the McDonald’s on 69th and 1st Ave for my Diet Coke.  When I walked in I was optimistic.  The store was clean and had cute NYC murals along the wall.  It wasn’t too crowded.  It had just enough people for me to not have to worry if it was a McDonald’s that should be avoided.


The wait on line wasn’t too bad either-the staff working seemed efficient.  This McDonald’s isn’t self-service, so you don’t have control over the ice/soda ratio.  The first sip didn’t blow me away – it was fine.  However, being the first sip of anything that day, I did expect the drink would wake up my taste buds, which it didn’t.  I also didn’t feel the urge to slurp the whole thing down,.

We met up with friends for a playdate, which unbeknownst to us was to include a water table. Of course within the first 15 minutes my youngest daughter was completely saturated.  I know, mommy-fail for not having brought extra clothes, but she’s almost 2 and I haven’t packed extra clothes for her in months.  My husband stayed with our kids and I went in search of a store to buy her a dry outfit.  There really aren’t many children’s clothes stores in the East 70s, so I took a cab to the Gap on 85th & 3rd.  At this point I still hadn’t finished my soda and it got that dull taste soda can get, way sooner than expected, so I just threw it out.  That was disappointing, but my spirits were soon lifted when I found the cutest Disney themed clothes at the Gap!  (I love Disney, more than a little you’ll come to see.)  I bought my daughter this cute and glittery Tinkerbell shirt and some polka dot pants.

Gap Tink Shirt


On the way back to to what was becoming a very expensive playdate, I picked up a can of Diet Coke at a bodega which wound up being way more refreshing than my 1st drink of the day, so that should explain my rating.

Are there any neighborhoods you’d like me to check out sooner than later?  Please post in the comments!  I’m excited to find the best soda experiences out there!

NYC Soda Girl’s Rating


1286 1st Ave. @69th St, NYC

Large Diet Coke with ice, $2.39

rating cuprating cuprating cup




*(Not sure what those cup pictures mean?…Check out the Ratings & Reviews Tab)






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