Always Looking Out For the Good

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This afternoon was tough. I had to wake my 2 year old from her nap in order to pick the older 2 up from school on time. She howled the entire half mile walk to school in her stroller. It was raining. She refused to keep her hood or even the stroller cover on. She was kicking and screaming and crying. “Ever so helpful” passer-byers kept telling me she was getting wet – AS IF THAT WAS THE PROBLEM!!!! Plus, I had the absolutely tragic news of ANOTHER mass shooting that happened today in my head. Then when the older 2 came out of school they exploded with rage at me that I didn’t have a snack for them (Umm, I never have a snack for them, we go home and eat). They were whining and complaining most of the way home.  So, I stopped at a 7-11 on the way back (not for a snack for them- I don’t give in to crazy) to get a Diet Coke.  I was having some trouble getting the door to stay open while pushing the stroller and maneuvering myself and the 2 big kids around a dog that was tied to a railing inside the front door of the store, when all of a sudden the door wasn’t heavy anymore – it was just staying open by itself??? I turned around and saw that someone walking down the street – stopped in the rain to help us with the door. They weren’t going into the 7-11, they just saw us struggling and walked over to help. Thank you kind person!  With all the bad and crazy that can bring you down, it’s nice to think that you can look for the good too. There’s a lot of good and I just pray that the good (along with some common sense and honesty) will make the world brighter each and every day.

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