And the Winner Is!

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And the winner of the $25 Panera Gift Card is….

Comment #4…KAREN!

Karen, NYC Soda Girl will contact you via the email you entered when commenting to see where you would like your gift card sent!

A huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who entered!

My youngest daughter, who we will call ‘Bunny’ picked the #4 from a box of numbers 1-7, while my older children, who we will call “Buddy & Beanie” observed and verified the validity of her selection.  The older 2 reminded me of the overseers of the Emmy votes…Did you all see the hilarious, if not uncomfortable introduction James Corden gave Ernst & Young this year?


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Seltzer Was the Class Parents’ Choice!

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The results are in on our Sparkling Soda Poll: 75% of NYC Soda Girl’s Readers thought Diet Coke would be the top choice and 25% thought it would be the Stew Leonard’s Lemonade…but the parents at my kids’ school showed us otherwise:

school dinner after

Vintage Seltzer was the clear winner – with a discarded empty bottle as the proof!


According to this article in the Washington Post, my parental peers are on trend 🙂

Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll – it was fun to see the votes come in!

Don’t forget – you have until 10pm EST tonight (9/25/15) to enter NYC Soda Girl’s $25 Panera Bread Giveaway Contest! Click here for details! The winner will be announced tomorrow!

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Throwback Thursday

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Who remembers these?

I could still get away using them, right?? After all… I am NYC Soda Girl 🙂

Don’t forget to enter NYC Soda Girl’s $25 Panera Bread Giveaway Contest! Click here for details!

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Best NYC soda, beverages, Giveaway, mom, New York City, NYC, soda, soda fountain

Thanks again to everyone for reading and following along on Facebook!

To celebrate reaching 25 likes this first week I’m having a giveaway contest!  One lucky reader will win a $25 Gift Card to Panera Bread!  I had such a great soda there this week, I went back for more and picked up a gift card!


Here’s how to enter:

Simply comment below, saying “Enter me!”

Want more chances to win?… You got it!

For a second chance, “like” NYC SODA GIRL on Facebook and then comment here a second time “I liked you!” (If you already like NYC SODA GIRL on Facebook you can still enter this second chance by commenting here “I liked you!”)

For a third chance, “Share” a NYC SODA GIRL Facebook post on your Facebook timeline and then comment here for a third time “I shared you!”


You may enter from today, Wednesday, September 23, 2015 through Friday, September 25, 2015 at 10pm EST.  I will announce the winner, selected at random, on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

Good luck everyone!!

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Dazed and Confused Soda Surprises

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It’s not just kids who get first week of school jitters – moms do too.  At least that’s what I’m going to blame this week’s bout of insomnia on.  It hasn’t been pretty. I’ve been staying up until 4am every night only to wake up 3 or 4 hours later, pretending I’m equipped to face the day.  After a week of this, I am a zombie.  I basically have been doing the bare minimum to get myself ready in the morning, then I actually get all 3 kids (2 preschoolers and a toddler) fully ready and then I sleep walk through the day.

Thursday and Friday I’m not sure how we all made it out the door.

Thankfully we all did and Thursday I was even able to meet up with a friend for a snack (you know, what most people call “let’s get coffee” but I don’t drink coffee).  I wound up ordering this…


…only to realize later that I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch and just mindlessly ordered this as my first meal of the day. (I will say, the vanilla cupcake was delicious. Icing was just sweet enough and the cake was moist and tasty.  The pumpkin cookie was just too cute to pass up, but truthfully didn’t taste as good as it looked.)

I know, I know…who cares?

Well, my new zombie state led me to make a very important soda discovery.  You see, I am a diehard Diet Coke drinker – like take a blood sample from me and you will see that Diet Coke runs through my veins.  For me nothing else compares. Panera only sells Pepsi.  Truth be told, I tend to select eateries that sell Coke products over those that sell Pepsi products, but Panera was close by and I stumbled into it with my good friend.  As I mindlessly took my first sip of the Diet Pepsi, my mind lit up. Could this be? The perfectly chilled, sparkling gush of goodness that I just sipped was Diet Pepsi?  I was expecting this soda experience to be just the hydrating of my body – but no – this was good!  Each sip that followed was too!  I never thought I’d be able to say it – but I found a fountain that makes a very satisfying Pepsi product!

The next day I had another soda surprise…well maybe more like a soda “what the…?”  I was picking the kids up from a class…still sleep walking…searching for a Diet Coke.  In the distance I saw a vending machine.  “Oh thank God!” I thought.  The kids and I raced over only to find this:

what the?

What on Earth type of vending machine selection is this?? Confused, we all just walked away.  I was too tired to use any energy trying to decide which of these 3 soda choices would do.  I’ll go back another time and try one out and report back…but really??

So there you have it. Insomnia brought me 2 new soda surprises…and truthfully all my extra time awake did help me get this blog off the ground.  So CHEERS to insomnia!

NYC Soda Girl’s Rating

Panera Bread

10 Union Sq. East, NYC

Large Diet Pepsi with ice, $2.49

rating cuprating cuprating cuprating cup




Other available options at this fountain: Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Tropicana Fruit Punch, Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, Caffeine Free Mug Root Beer, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew & Raspberry Brisk Iced Tea.

*(Not sure what those cup pictures mean?…Check out the Ratings & Reviews Tab)





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